Christmas… the season to be jolly, but what if…


Well here we go again…it’s the season to be jolly, or so they say. On the radio we here Christmas songs over and over again: Chris Rea is apparently still on his way, Micheal Bublé has transformed into a resurrection of Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey still waits for the only wish to come true! My, oh my .. we unknowingly let te stress of buying Christmas presents, putting together a menu for a perfect Christmas dinner and surviving the obligations with family and/or in-laws grow day by day. And every now and then a Scrooge feeling creeps into our heads and we get tendencies of the Grinch who would rather be alone and not be disturbed.

Does this ring a bell? Is it recognizable?

The horror scene is ofcourse when the turkey burns, the tree topples over, and your carefully crafted gingerbread house collapses. What will you do? Fear not, dear readers, for in the midst of holiday havoc, there lies an opportunity to embrace the true spirit of SylSoulFood — the practice of conscious eating for the body, mind, and soul. At SylSoulFood we believe in the power of conscious eating for the body, mind and soul… even when Christmas takes an unexpected turn!

We’ve all been there — the chaotic kitchen, the frazzled chef (that’s you), and the unmistakable aroma of overcooked Brussels sprouts wafting through the air. In the spirit of SylSoulFood, take a moment to pause, breathe, and remember that perfection is overrated.

Embrace the imperfections and Christmas chaos. It may start with burnt cookies, toppled gingerbread houses and mischievous pets eyeing for the feast. I can imagine how you’ve spent hours meiculously preparing the centerpies: a golden, succulent turkey. But as you open the oven door to proudly unveil your masterpiece, the turkey makes a break for it, sliding off the tray and onto the kitchen floor!

It’s a true Christmas miracle, just not the kind you were hoping for! So what do you do? I suggest to turn it into a teachable moment on the importance of resilience: your main course may decide to go on a solo adventure but you will serve it up with a side of laughter! After all, as they say the journey is just important as the destination.

As pots and pans clang in disarray, find solace in the kitchen chaos. Take a moment to breathe… and take a deep breath. Appreciate the aroma’s in your kitchen and simply infuse your dishes with positive energy. Pull yourself together and transform kitchen mishaps into opportunities for creativity. You will see the magic happening in front of you as the chaos becomes a canvas for culinary brilliance.

At SylSoulFood, we understand that life doesn’t always follow the script, especially during the holidays. Embracing mishaps and finding joy in the unexpected is a practice in conscious living that extends beyond the dinner table. Just know, when your Christmas plans take a detour into chaos, remember to savor the flavours with laughter, relish the moments of togetherness and let the mishaps become cherished memories! After all, it’s all about the love and connection that make the holiday season truly magical! Most memorable moments often arise from the unexpected…

From the Netherlands, SylSoulFood wish you a Merry Christmas filled with conscious joy, delicious mishaps, soulful moments and the warmth of shared experiences!

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